Chlorine Osseus Stringered Epoxy
Chlorine Osseus Stringered Epoxy
Chlorine Osseus Stringered Epoxy
Chlorine Osseus Stringered Epoxy

Chlorine Osseus Stringered Epoxy

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LSD's Chlorine Osseus Stringered Epoxy is a great small wave performance board that is ideal for waves under 4ft. It's super-fast, is quick of the mark and holds that speed extremely well down the line, (In Noa's case, begging for a massive ramp to hit).

Think high-performance shortboard for the Australian summer and you end up with The Noa Chlorine. It was originally created for the annual Stab High Waco air comps, but quickly became a staple in the quiver during the Summer when the waves were smaller and lost a bit of push and Noz needed something to maintain speed for some of his big explosive maneuvers.

  • Generous foam throughout, adding some width in the nose and tail area
  • A lowered entry rocker to increase speed on the take-off
  • Added thickness under the chest

The Noa Chlorine should be ridden around 2 - 3 inches shorter than your good wave performance board.

If you love the sound of the Noa Chlorine but are looking for something that can handle a bit more size, checkout the Noa Pro which is perfect for high-performance surfing from 2-8ft.

The Osseus construction was developed to withstand some serious abuse. It has been specially designed to handle thick slabs or big punts without losing versatility or performance.

The high quality EPS blank is closed cell with a traditional laminated timber stringer for both board feel and durability. We added a 65mm band of Innegra that is set into the bottom running parallel along the stringer creating a sprung reinforcement.

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