Chubby Cheka


This model was put together with team rider Julian Wilson - he wanted a fun small wave board that he could still rip the bag out of.

The nose rocker is low to get things up and going, with more of a performance board tail rocker, allowing the board to get vertical and whippy when needed. The outline is full/chubby and this is where a lot of planing speed comes from. The rail volume is similar to a normal performance board so you can feel the rail in the water.

Single concave throughout, with a decent double under the back foot making it easy to roll over from rail to rail. LSD has been making this model with a wide rounded square to keep the tail free. This year we have modified the tail changing it up to a Diamond, this shortens the rail line making things even more whippy. Three fin set up. To be ridden around 3 to 4 inches shorter, 1 inch wider and a 1/16 thicker than your conventional shortboard.

Julian’s Chubby Cheka is a 5’7” x 19” x 2 5/16” EPS/Epoxy construction.

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