• Custom PU - $999.00 - 44751742959775
  • Custom Osseus EPS - $1,298.00 - 44751742992543
  • Custom PU - Quad / Five Fin - $1,054.00 - 44751743025311
  • Custom Osseus EPS - Quad / Five Fin - $1,353.00 - 44751743058079
  • Custom Grom PU - $899.00 - 44751743090847
  • Custom Grom Osseus EPS - $1,198.00 - 44751743123615
  • Custom Grom PU - Quad / Five Fin - $954.00 - 44751743156383
  • Custom Grom Osseus EPS - Quad / Five Fin - $1,353.00 - 44751743189151

LSD Custom Board Order Form

Use this form to completely customise your board order. Choose a base model to see recommended dimensions and tail shapes, or go for a complete custom design.

All custom orders are designed and finished by Luke Short, and manufactured here in Australia.

After you've added your board to the cart you can choose to pay online, or alternativley submit your order and we will invoice you for a deposit to get your order started.

Any questions with orders please feel free to contact us.

1. Model

Select a model then scroll down.

2. Dimensions

Enter custom dimensions or choose stock dims from the dropdown.

3. Tail Shape

Select a tail shape.

4. Construction

Choose your construction. Please note EPS boards have an additional charge of $299 and 2 weeks additional lead time.

5. Fins

Fin System

Please note 'other' fin systems may attract an additional cost quoted post order.

Fin Box Colour

Fin Layout

Please note Quads and 5 fin layouts have an extra charge of $55.

6. Glassing

Glassing Weight

Glassing Extras

Optionally add extra strength to the tail area of the board.

7. Decals

Choose your LSD decal position.

8. Stringer Text

Customise the text that's handwritten on the stringer i.e 'For your name'.

9. Artwork

You can choose to add a spray or artwork to your board. This is an additional charge and is calculated on the next page.

10. Additional Notes

Feel free to add any additional details. Including things like the waves you intend to surf on this board and your surfing ability, age, height and weight can help us get you on the best board possible.

Submit your order

Please carefully review your selections before proceeding with your order...

Product type: PU Surfboard

Board Model: Custom

Price: $999.00