This week Geoblank delivered three of their special blanks. These cores are a modular honeycomb construction enabling different densities of foam within the blank to form a range of flex patterns to suit different surfing styles and or conditions... I have probably missed something here so check out their site for more info about these crazy new blanks.

The first of the three is for LSD rider Dustin Hollick. We decided to use an existing file of one of his favorite boards, the Chubby Chedda 5'5" x 18 7/8" x 2 1/4". This will make it easier for Dusto to feel the difference between the Geoblank and his more conventional PU Chedda.

The Geoblanks are constructed from EPS foam and will be getting laminated in epoxy this week. I can't wait to for Dusto's feedback. The other two blanks I have are for myself and young Matt Banting, pretty excited to get these in the water too : )

Dustin super pumped to get on it

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