Matt Banting Qualifies For The WCT

With the last qualifying event kicking off at Sunset Beach Matt Banting can surf without the usual pressures of cracking it into next years elite tour, as he's already done more than enough to solidify his position for 2015 WCT. His two wins at Newcastle and Cabo have helped Matt reach his current position of the top qualifier for the WQS.

Two years on after making those first boards for the young Banting, we can say that the decision to sign Matty up as a full time LSD surfer at the beginning of the year was a good one. His freakish ability and competitive flare meant Matt came close to qualifying for the WCT in his first year on the qualifying tour.

Congatulations Matty, its been a fun ride... looking forward to seeing you on the world stage after your massive efforts this year.

Matt's boards boards are always evolving but never stepping too far away from what he has been winning contests on.

His go to shortboard for 2014 has been around 5'10.5" x 18 5/8" x 2 1/4” 26.0L - Keep an eye out for a new Go To model coming out next year.

Matt warming up for Sunset

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