Modern Lover

I have been working on a new contemporary performance short board, based on what has become more the norm as a performance short board among the team. Proportionably wider in the nose and tail in the outline. Tad flatter deck creating more overall volume. Full softer forgiving forward rails. Concave slightly increased, a mini double within the fin area and vee out off the tail. Can ride say 1 inch shorter and 1/4+ wider than your older conventional short board.
I am over in Japan at the moment, I have traveled over here with just one board which is my ML(a swallow tail version), at first I thought I may need some thing a tad more 'fishy', but it has been working pretty good, the volume helps with paddle/get up and go speed... the straighter stinger rocker a plus with the run and glide. Once on rail you can push pretty hard finding excelaration through your turns.
Before I left home I was surfing four to six foot out the point which it also loved... so all in all a very versatile board.
Will be available form August on...

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