Noa Deane Quiver - Hawaii 22 / 23

Luke has shaped up a batch of boards for Noa to head to Hawaii with this winter season.

The quiver of LSDs features everything from 6'2 up to 7'6.

Noa will be competing in the upcoming Vans Pipe Masters which has a waiting period from Dec 8th - 20th. 

Luke had the comp in mind as he shaped some of these boards, stating "With the new format I think the crew will be riding shorter boards in bigger waves as I feel there will be a big focus on progressive surfing. I've included a couple of secret weapons in Noa's quiver - a couple of 6'3" epoxies Noa's been loving in our Osseus construction. These are built to survive a heaving beating either by the waves or from the landings on big stomps. Those two boards also have a semi-refined tail to help them knife-in off take off."

Noa Osseus Hawaii
Noa Deane Gun
LSD Shaped Blanks
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