V2 surfboard technology

The ‘V2’ is an innovative performance base construction, using a stringerless closed cell EPS foam core with epoxy resin laminate. Two 30mm Uni-Directional woven carbon strips run parallel with the side fins toward the nose providing added strength and a well balanced torsional and over all flex.

The V2 has the electric feeling of EPS/epoxy board. The carbon helps capture and control the energy from the back foot and then disperse it throughout the board when unloaded. The V2 has a also has an element of forgiveness due to the rail to rail torsional flex.

v2 GT and V2 Chubby Chedda:

LSD v2 GT v2 Chubby Chedda

v2 Phoenix

v2 Phoenix by LSD

One of the v2 prototypes from 2011...

v2 2011

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