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Please note surfboard orders have a 6 week lead time, + 2 weeks for EPS.

The LSD Flashback is a retro style fish, combined with today’s more forgiving rails and lighter weight materials.

This model is so much fun and also presents a whole different feel to surfing. It’s for waves from 6 inches to 3 foot or bigger if you are up for a bit of fun with a challenge. The low rocker together with plenty of surface area of the Flashback allows it to plane in small and the weakest of conditions.

Recommended with a 4 fin set up for that extra grip through turns and off the bottom. To be ordered approximately 4 – 6 inches shorter, 1 1/2 inches wider and 1/8 of an inch thicker than your standard short board. Available in sizes 5’5” up to 6’6”.

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