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Please note surfboard orders have a 6 week lead time, + 2 weeks for EPS.

The original model that the The Noa 2 evolved from, this has been Noa Deane's go-to model for many moons now.

As this board has been a favourite of many of our team riders and customers, we have kept it available to order.

Being Noa Deane's model means two loves to be put on the rail, the harder the better, and it's a fan of punts (remember that massive barrel-to-oop closer from 'Head Noise'). The best part about the Noa is it feels really forgiving under the feet and allows the average surfer to perform at their highest level.

In Noa's Words

"They're the best boards I've ever ridden. Easily. By a mile. They just go so good that we want other people to enjoy themselves on them too. You don't even have to try and surf them. They just work." - Noa Deane


The Noa has;

  • Low entry rocker for quick acceleration
  • Medium rails with some forgiveness
  • Ample volume in the centre and nose of the board for easy paddling and landing airs
  • A wider swallow tail for added lift and hefty rail surfing

You may also want to check out the new Noa 2, or if you're looking for something to fit a smaller wave / Aussie summer, the Noa Chlorine model is a chopped down version of the Noa, carries a ton of speed and is perfect for small wave ripping.

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