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The Hammer

The Hammer

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Please note surfboard orders have a 6 week lead time, + 2 weeks for EPS.

The Hammer isn't a groveller, it's designed to let you unleash your biggest turns in waves with a bit of power. Reach for it when your local is pumping. Think 4ft+ waves and huge carves.

It's Noa's goto shortboard when the surf starts to fire. He has been riding his at 6'3" x 19 1/8 x 2 1/2 @31.1L, and this was his go-to board over the winter in Australia.

  • An outline on the sleeker side for control at high speeds.
  • Substantial nose rocker combined with a lower tail rocker, allowing plenty of drive and hold when pushing hard through turns.
  • The increased nose curve helps to fit into steeper sections and to handle late drops.
  • We've found a small swallow-tail seems to work best, giving that extra bit of bite through turns.
  • A subtle single to double concave adds a touch of extra spice.

We would recommend ordering it a couple of inches longer, and slightly narrower than your day to day shorty.

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